We believe a better world starts with clean energy and efficient energy

It started at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In the 1960s Alvin Weinberg, the “father” of civilian nuclear power, developed and operated the MSRE (Molten Salt Reactor Experiment) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This 7.4 MW (thermal) demonstrator operated successfully for four years, in particular with a load factor of 85% – an exceptional performance for a prototype machine.

We founded The Thorium Network to provide a better energy

The Thorium Network was born out of a desire to create clean energy that puts people before profits, create a world where everyone can reach cheap and easy energy, and make energy freedom a reality. In this new world, you can reach out energy whenever you want, and protect yourself from the consequences of the greenhouse effect.

Clean Energy for the people, by the people

About The Thorium Network

The Thorium Network operates internationally using appropriate jurisdictions such as Switzerland and Turkey, utilising it's extensive network of partnerships and collaborations.

The Thorium Network exists to serve the world. Our first and only obligation is always to the people.

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