The World's most advanced Expo demonstrating the commercial benefits of Fourth Generation Fission Energy Technology

Who are we?

Supported by The Thorium Network of Switzerland, ICE NET 2023 was born out of the recognition to bring industry players together to discuss Fourth Generation Fission Energy Technology and all associated and related activities.

Where is the EXPO?

It will be anonunced soon!

What is the purpose of the EXPO?

Our event focuses on New Nuclear Technology and how it can positively impact society. Fourth Generation Fission Energy Technology drives a paradigm shift across all industry sectors and leads to significant social benefits as a result. ICE NET 2023 will demonstrate this. Besides the obvious benefits of Carbon-Free energy production, industry benefits also include development of advanced power generation technologies, computer aided modelling and design (including the use of artificial intelligence for enhanced designs), additive manufacturing, medical isotope production, specialty chemicals manufacturing, advanced mining and minerals processing technology and specialty alloy metal fabrication

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Our Sponsors

We made this EXPO with their help!

The Thorium Network
More than a non-profit, The Thorium Network boasts some of the worlds leading experts in the sectors relevant to advancing Fission Energy Adoption Worldwide.
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Kıraç Group
Kıraç Group, established in 1982, serves the electrical supply and manufacturing industry with world class care and service, representing the world's leading companies in the Middle East regions. Recognising that Fission Energy is our future, Kıraç is readying for the rapid growth expected over the coming next years.
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Supporters of Nuclear Energy!
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Scientists For Accurate Radiation Information
The objective of this group is to monitor for and counter nuclear/radiological misinformation that could adversely impact the world’s ability to effectively respond to nuclear and radiological challenges, to the end point of saving lives.
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Our Speakers

Speakers who are going to be in our EXPO!

Danny Roderick

Former head of Westinghouse and Toshiba Energy Systems

Professor Adi Paterson

Former head of ANSTO Australia, Generation IV specialist

Professor Wade Alison

Wade Allison is Emeritus professor of Physics and Fellow of Keble College at Oxford University. Author of Nuclear is for Life

Professor Eben Mulder

Founding partner of X-Energy, High Temp Gas Cooled SMR technology with USD2.5b in funding

Dr. Dian Kemp

Director of Research of the International Plasma Research Institute

Dr. James Kennedy

World leading expert in Rare Earths and Thorium. Writing laws in USA about Rare Earths and Thorium

Dave Nicholls

Chairman Of The Board at South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Ltd

Our Exhibitors

Exhibitors will anounced soon!

Our Photos

We will add photos for our future EXPOs here and our social media platforms!

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